Zendesk & Taskworld - A software combo that’s putting service back in SaaS

by Taskworld Blog Team / March 30, 2016

Tech Cocktail projects that the SaaS industry growth rate in 2016 will be increasingly influenced by upselling and retaining existing users. This shift in focus from acquiring new customers to better serving existing ones has been growing over the past two years.

Customer support is no longer what it used to be in many companies - a team of human punching bags that shielded the company from the wrath of the raging customers. It has evolved into something much more deeper and positive.

At Taskworld, our support team drive the user centric approach to product development. They have been doing it pretty well (98% satisfaction rating).

Apart from patience, passion and empathy, Joshua Cordero, our Head of Support banks on technology to make sure that the customers’ pain points are dealt on priority. And his choice of tools are Zendesk and Taskworld.


“Zendesk allows us to understand users better. It also lets the entire support team know how we’re performing, which is incredibly motivating. Taskworld empowers us to turn customer tickets into actionable tasks and involve the entire organization in understanding what the customers want.” - Josh


Zendesk provides you the ideal dashboard to interact with the customers. Every customer query/feedback/issue is represented by a unique ticket, all of which are displayed sequentially. On the left there is a dynamic timeline which is similar to Facebook’s activity feed. The top bar contains important metrics such as ticket statistics for the week and customer satisfaction rating.

“That customer satisfaction rating is our goal, not just for the support agents but for the entire organization”, says Katherine, our newest support agent.

The great thing about Zendesk is that it never lets you lose sight of your goals, quite literally.

Well it seems to be working pretty well for you Josh! 100% satisfaction, not bad at all.

So, we’re going to spill the beans on how you too can achieve skyrocketing customer satisfaction ratings by using Zendesk and Taskworld.  

Our support team goes through all the tickets on Zendesk. Some of the tickets are solved simply by answering the users, which they do in record time. These tickets usually include simple queries about pricing, functionality etc.  However other tickets require work by other departments before they can be closed. These tickets can be bugs, feature requests etc. That’s exactly where Taskworld takes over. 

The support team filters the tickets that need to be converted into tasks and add internal notes to them, linking them to corresponding tasks on Taskworld. The next part explains what's that all about.


Taskworld is a project management application which allows teams to finish work on time. And it does that by encouraging a workflow based on time tested productivity techniques.


“In order to promote user centric behavior across the company, we need each and every employee to be aware of the customer pain points.” - Melinda Marczali (Head of Engagement)


It’s only when all the departments are aligned in their efforts to serve the customers, the company can experience sustained growth.

Josh has created a project in Taskworld called Customer Pain Points. Whenever the support team receive a ticket in Zendesk that requires work from other departments, they create a task for it in Customer Pain Points project on Taskworld. They add the Zendesk ticket link in the Task description, set a due date and assign the task to a team member. For example, in this case since the task requires work from a developer Josh assigns it to Anri, our VP of Engineering. 


When they are not answering tickets, our support team organize and prioritize tasks in the
Customer Pain Points project. They add tags and labels to indicate the priority/frequency of the tickets and whether they are coming from our power users.

Project overview and analytics allow everyone to constantly keep track of how well the project is going. The support team checks overdue tasks, on time completion rate and other metrics to make sure the customers’ requests are dealt on priority.

And all this shows up on the Zendesk satisfaction rating, which is probably the end goal for every support agent.

Start your 30 day free trial for both Zendesk and Taskworld and experience the success that comes with being user centric.

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