Will Apple Watch Boost Productivity?

by Shiv Sharma / March 16, 2015

The tech world is buzzing with excitement about Apple Watch. Whenever Apple brings a product out in the market, there are bound be strong opinions. Apple Watch is no exception. Ever since Tim Cook announced it in September 2014, there have been speculations about how Apple Watch will transform our lives. And whether this transformation will be as revolutionary as the smartphone technology.

Now that we know all there is to know about Apple Watch, it’s a good time to add our two cents on how office productivity might be affected by it. Should you be concerned about another distraction at work? Or should you be excited about taking productivity to the next level.

Some employers are worried that Apple Watch would increase cognitive dependency of the employees. Through Apple watch you’ll be in accessing features of your smartphone in a much more personal manner. It might be hard to resist that. At present when people want to focus solely on work, they put off their phones for a while. However it doesn’t make sense to do the same with the watch (it defeats the whole purpose).

However it is important to understand that this flaw isn’t a flaw of technology. It’s entirely up to us to manage our actions at work. As a productivity app, we believe that Apple Watch will create a whole new world for employee productivity.

Eliminating One Step

Apple watch cuts a step in mobile technology, which is accessing your phone. This might seem as mere reduction of one step, but it is a significant one. Having the ability to call, text and email with a device which is a part of your body is quite spectacular. Once people get used to it, it will allow them to seamlessly communicate and get work done. Although some other companies already have similar devices in market, but this technology is still in its infancy. Apple Watch will change it significantly. According to a research by Adobe, 10% of iOS users will purchase an Apple Watch in first 18 months (50 million units). To say that in time, smart watches will be an inseparable part of our lives might not be an exaggeration.

Business Applications

Apple Watch will offer all app developers to explore a completely new world of UI/UX interface. This includes business applications as well. Some business applications have already announced an app for Apple Watch and many others are keen on developing one too. Applications that will allow you to access your work and organize your schedule on your watch will definitely boost productivity. You’ll be able to access calendars, make changes to your plans, have meetings, and do it all without touching your smartphone.

Personal Touch

The whole idea behind using a watch to manage your life is to make your interaction with technology more intuitive or as some people will say more human. This whole intuitive aspect of applications is what makes you use them. With Apple Watch you will be using preexisting technologies that you weren’t interested in so far. This includes features which will make your daily life more organized.

Personal Fitness

Personal fitness seems to be a big part of Apple’s branding strategy for Apple Watch. It will have a range of options that’ll encourage you to stick to your fitness schedule and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Apple believes that fitness isn’t just about doing heavy workout but leading an active lifestyle. There Apple Watch keeps a track of your movement and encourages you to fill your daily quota of basic physical exercise. Being fit and active will definitely help you be more productive at work as well.

It will be exciting to see how different tech companies around the world will adapt to this. Maybe it will trigger of a spurt of innovation. Maybe it will not be as revolutionary as it sounds. Only time will tell.

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