Which X-Men Manager Are You?

by Jessica Zartler / May 26, 2016

Get your spandex and plastic Wolverine claws out.. The ninth installment of hollywood blockbuster series and comic book films X-men, X-men: Apocalypse, is teleporting into theaters in North America on May 27th.

Whether you grew up on the comic books that came out in 1963, or the nineties installment cartoons, or anything in between, you likely had a favorite character or two.

Now, as slightly older children, we sit in our offices awaiting the big movie night and search online for portraits of our favorite X-men characters, imagining we had their superpowers and could use them on our boss.

In honor of X-Men: Apocalypse we ask: Which X-men manager are you or which mutant manager does your boss resemble the most?



As the founder of X-Men and the original headmaster of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Professor X is everyone’s favorite boss. He’s a natural teacher, capable of challenging you and making you think, without his own ego getting in the way. As the world’s most powerful telepath, the Professor X boss already knows what you are thinking, so you can always feel good about being honest about things happening at work.

Strengths: Because this boss type is well-liked, he or she manages to deliver the impossible again and again. Professor X bosses can take people with completely different backgrounds and attitudes, get them to work together with few conflicts and learn from one another to perform even better as a team.

Weaknesses: Managers who are like Professor X always see the good in everyone, which can sometimes lead to their downfall. Trust comes easily to these bosses but they need to learn that not everyone is so team-oriented and work on their risk assessment abilities.


Cyclops is the ultimate Type A personality boss. In X-Men, he was Xavier’s first recruit and often the group’s field leader. He’s charismatic, a born leader and never makes a mistake. He projects a beam of ruby-colored concussive force from his eyes so as a manager, he or she has laser-like focus.

Strengths: The Cyclops manager is always on target. He or she always delivers projects on time and on budget - to a “T.” The Scott Summers boss is self-motivated and others are inspired by his or her will power and ability to get things done.

Weaknesses: This type of boss is a perfectionist which doesn’t always vibe with every team member. Colleagues of Cyclops bosses sometimes feel they can’t live up to his or her standards and sometimes feel they are being left behind. Cyclops bosses should make sure that they allow team members to catch up to their line of thinking, instead of just running over other’s opinions and always moving forward quickly. Cyclops managers should also be more willing to question upper management.


As second field leader, former member of the Fantastic Four and headmistress of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, the Storm boss has quite the resume. He or she is well-qualified for their job and is a powerful leader. Famously, Storm can manipulate the weather via lightning bolts, wind, rain, etc. and can even take flight by “riding” wind currents. This manager has weathered a “storm” or five, and is more than anything else, a survivor.

Strengths: A Storm manager is fiercely loyal and will do anything and everything to protect his or her team members. When things get chaotic is when this boss is at his or her best. The more “storm,” the more focused and the greater power this manager has to get things done. This manager is a great teacher of how to harness the energy around you, and use it to your advantage.

Weaknesses: As you could probably imagine, working for a Storm boss is sometimes a bit of a roller coaster. You may come to work not knowing what today will be like and which way Storm’s “wind” will blow. The Storm boss is often heavily affected by what is happening in the office environment and can often change his or her mind about how things should be. Storm managers should learn to not always feed off of what’s happening but to also just allow things to be.


The Wolverine boss is by far, the most complex in nature. You can never be sure what he or she is really thinking, but you can be sure that the Wolverine manager will first and foremost, fight for justice as that is where his powers originated. This boss has more than a “thick skin,” he or she has regenerative healing properties - so they are never hurt or affected by things that happen to them.

Strengths: The Wolverine boss has highly keen senses, so they always know something is going to happen before it does and can warn their colleagues to prepare. Like Storm, these bosses are also fiercely loyal to their team and will defend them against criticism. Because Wolverine bosses have been through so much - being experimented on and having adamantium bonded to his skeleton - they have high amounts of empathy for those around them.

Weaknesses: Because of Wolverine managers’ animal-like nature, they can be highly reactive with “claws out” before knowing the big picture details. While fighting for their team members, they may get caught up in the fight - again, losing sight of what they were doing in the first place - and end up accidentally hurting their friends in the process. Wolverine bosses should focus on being more mindful, less reactive and getting all the facts before jumping into a fight.


You can see the Gambit manager from across the room and sense his explosive energy. As Gambit can charge inanimate objects with kinetic energy, so can his kind of managers motivate a team with hypnotic charm and charisma. These bosses use personality to gain the admiration of his or her followers and easily take on leadership roles. As a former thief, Gambit bosses know how to steal the hearts of their colleagues.

Strengths: Charismatic Gambit leaders have high emotional intelligence and can help to make everyone on their team feel included and heard in decision making processes. They are less concerned with transforming the organization and are more concerned with success.

Weaknesses: The Gambit manager has a big ego and may sometimes be concerned most with his or her own ambitions. They may think they can do no wrong and this feeling of invincibility may hurt the organization if their ego outgrows their concern for the team. The Gambit boss should never slip into their dark habits of old and should remain focused on the community, rather than the individual.


Jean Grey/Phoenix bosses undergo many transformations when leading a team. As a founding member of the X-Men, Jean Grey was known in the comic books as the weakest team member but later goes on to become the most powerful, having almost God-like powers. However, this shift doesn’t happen without her losing much of herself but ultimately, she sacrifices herself, not once, but twice to save her team.

Strengths: The Jean Grey boss, much like Professor X bosses, can read minds so you can be honest. She has high emotional intelligence and is very modest. Jean Grey managers are calm and listen to the team before making decisions, thanks to her almost non-existent ego.

Weaknesses: Jean Grey bosses can be corrupted by their power and turn “Phoenix” if the pressure becomes too much to handle. As Phoenix can manipulate matter on a subatomic level, so can this Jean Grey boss alter ego manipulate their colleagues. Jean Grey/Phoenix bosses must work on maintaining a balance in power, and catch issues before they become dire enough for self-sacrifice.


The X-Men team's longtime enemy, even the sight of a Magneto boss send shivers down the spine of his or her teammates. Even the laziest employees get things done under Magneto managers as they use fear of their power to inspire followership.

Strengths: The ability to control force fields, manipulate metal and electrical bolts allow Magneto bosses to bend and change every situation to their will and agenda. The Magneto manager also leads in a transactional manner, rewarding those who are loyal but for those who cross them, Magneto leaders know no mercy and will punish with even more fervor.

Weaknesses: Magneto’s powers are highly dependent on his physical condition, so if Magneto bosses exert themselves, they likely will have less ability to manipulate their colleagues and bend things to their will. Arrogance could also be the downfall of many a Magneto manager as they often underestimate others. Magneto was briefly “redeemed” and appointed leader of X-Men and their junior team, so there is a small chance Magneto bosses can show a more amicable side and use their powers for the greater good.

Super fans can check out the X-Men wiki page to see a full list of characters, their powers and where they’ve appeared in the comic books and films.

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