Time Tracking — It’s here!

by Jessica Zartler / May 26, 2017

Here it is : Taskworld unveils its answer to the most requested feature of 2017.

The most requested feature on Taskworld by teams around the world —the ability to track time on tasks and projects is now live on your workspace!

You guys are great, always giving us the best ideas :-)

The latest release includes the ability to record or input time spent on tasks. The data is automatically consolidated and can be accessed by project and team member. This new tool saves time, resources and makes it easier for managers to work with freelancers or consultants, record time spent on a software bug fix, anticipate project deadlines— the applications are endless.

Let’s take a quick glance over the new time tracking tool and its possibilities using the example of a manager working with freelancers.

How to Enter Time Spent by Task

Johan is managing a content team in Estonia, most of which is made up of remote workers.

With the new time tracking feature, his writer in New York (who is paid by the hour) can go into the task properties of her assigned task, Week 7 Blog, and click the + sign next to Time Spent.

She can then click Start Recording and write her blog, and click Stop when she is finished.

Here is how to record time spent on a task :

Meanwhile, his designer in Berlin, can go into his task to Design New Logo, and manually input the total amount of time he spent working on it.

Here is how to manually enter time spent on a task :

Tracking Time by Tasklist

Once team members have recorded or entered time spent on particular tasks, everyone can view the number of tasks and total time spent at the top of the tasklists.

Alternatively, if a manager has setup tasklists in a Kanban board by Monday through Friday, he or she can see on which day team members are most productive, and adjust assignments accordingly.

One final example in the plethora of possibilities, is if tasklists are setup by department in a shared project. Managers of each department can see which departments are dedicating time to the shared project, and communicate accordingly with the other managers if a team appears to be falling behind — before project deadlines are effected. Time tracking is the vehicle, and you are the driver.

Time Tracking for Entire Projects

Finally, back to our case of the content manager, Johan, and his project management of freelancers… Let’s say he is working on a project to redesign his company’s website and he has three months to do so. He has his tasklists set up by months, in a visual timeline, but he still needs to track how many hours were spent on tasks by each freelancer in order to pay them by hour.

He can navigate to the top right-hand corner inside of his project Website Redesign and click on Total Time Spent to view time tracking by each team member.

If you have any questions about Time Tracking, suggestions for how we can improve this tool or other feature requests, we would love to hear from you at support@taskworld.com

If you have any thoughts about how to use Time Tracking that you would like to share with other teams, we would love to see your ideas in the comments below.

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