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5 Reasons Why Taskworld is the Best Trello Alternative

by Taskworld Blog Team / July 13, 2017

So you tried Trello, felt something was missing and are now looking for a Trello alternative that just understands the way you run things.

You’re not the only one.

Thousands of companies look for Trello alternatives every single day. 

Some fiddle around with complex project management software while others settle with simple to do list tools.

However most of them switch to Taskworld. Literally thousands every week.

And that includes some of the world’s best companies.

While Trello is a great app, it’s often limiting for teams that are growing fast and require deeper collaboration. Here are 5 reasons why Taskworld is the best Trello alternative you can find:

1) Visual boards with super powers

It’s all good till you are a team of five who just want visual boards to track work and get notified on time. However as any growing team would understand, task management requires much more depth.

Trello doesn’t allow you to assign checklist items, set recurring tasks or have tasks in multiple projects.

Taskworld not only offers you simple task management features that you expect (assignees, tags, labels, due dates, comments) but also advanced task management features such as:

  • Tasks in multiple projects
  • Assigning checklist items separately
  • Recurring tasks

On top of that it gives you solid project planning features like:

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Burn down/up charts
  • Project timeline
  • Advanced filters
  • File management

2) Power ups can be confusing

Trello offers a basic solution and gives you the option to purchase power ups to enhance it.

This requires you to know what each power up does. It also requires you to figure out what combination of power ups is right for your team. This works for seasoned project managers who are familiar with SaaS products but might intimidate the rest.

Taskworld does the “figuring out” for you.

10 years of fine tuning has allowed us to understand what features does an average team need/doesn’t need.

Taskworld gives you visual boards, team messaging, time tracking, calendars, project timeline, dashboards in one single app; without relying on external integrations.

3) Squeaky clean UI

There is a common notion that you always have to pick between powerful features and clean UI. That’s why a lot of feature packed project management software look like they require a certification course prior to using them.

Rachel Burger, senior editor from world’s premier software review site Capterra said about Taskword —

“Taskworld is so simple to use that digital natives and digital ignorants alike will be able to set up the program and comfortably use it within an hour. And that’s all without mentioning one of its hidden features: gorgeous design. If Steve Jobs were to make a minimalist, effective to-do app, this would be it.”

We are really proud of our clean design. That’s why no matter how many new features we add to Taskworld, the ease of use never gets compromised.

4) Crazy good file management

Trello allows you to attach files to tasks and search for them. However if you forget the name of the attachment or the board where it was attached, it can be a problem finding it. There is no centralized file management directory.

Taskworld groups all the files related to a project in one secure space. It’s like a magic bookshelf that arranges all the books in their right place.

5) Interactive dashboard does half of your work

Trello lacks a dashboard that pulls data across all projects and tells you what to focus on. A lot of time is lost by manually going inside each project and trying to understand priorities.

Taskworld’s interactive dashboard tells you the priorities of the day and gives you more time for meaningful work. You can even analyze workload of each member in your team.

If you’re interested in trying out Taskworld, sign up for your 15 day free trial. If you’d like to have an online demo for your team, feel free to drop us a message at

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