Taskworld is hiring. From all over the world!

by Taskworld Blog Team / May 11, 2015

Making employees happy and productive is what our business is about and we’re hiring!

We are looking for developers from all over the world to join our team in the City of Angels- Bangkok. Here at Taskworld, we won’t just offer you a rewarding career but a rewarding life.

We work right in the heart of Bangkok at Park Ventures Ecoplex, which is one of the most gorgeous office complexes in Asia. With 25% of its area covered with green spaces and a pioneering Eco friendly design, it's no surprise that some of most innovative companies including Google call it their home.

Image Courtesy: Okura Image Courtesy: Okura

Let’s give you a sneak preview of what it’s like to work at Taskworld.

“Working at Taskworld is more than just another addition to your resume. It’s a lifestyle choice. A choice that allows you to turn ideas into reality.”

Patrick Wings (Head of Marketing)

At Taskworld, our culture focuses on the following five aspects of work life.


“Fueled by passion and excitement, we are one unit that shares the vision of making work life easier for people around the world.

It’s Patrick again

To put in simple terms, this is why we work. We work to learn and grow. And we make sure that our employees feel the same way about their careers. At Taskworld you will get an opportunity to not just build your core strength, but also acquire other skills that might interest you. It’s a culture which values initiative and rewards you with opportunities.


“I love that everyone in the company comes from different countries, backgrounds and experiences. It creates an incredibly unique opportunity to learn and share what's happening in the world. Not to mention, plenty of places to visit!

-  Jessica Zartler (Head of Engagement)

Thailand, India, United States, France, Germany, Sweden, Philippines, Hungary, Korea, Russia; our close-knit team consists of people from all over the world. We celebrate our cultural diversity and learn from each other every day. Our diversity is our strength which fuels our efforts to devise creative solutions to manage work and make it fun.


“Being a startup gives us an opportunity to create a new culture right from scratch. And flexibility is a key part of it.” 

Melinda Marczali (Customer Success Angel)

People have different skills. It’s only natural that they have different ways to work. Taskworld respects that. Our gorgeous office offers you plenty of room to work wherever you want. Flexible timings and work schedules will help you get the job done, the way you want to.


“It’s only fitting that a young and exciting company like ours is based in Thailand; and trust me we make the most of it.

Shiv Sharma (Content Strategist)

Fun is probably the most underrated aspect of work. Work not only can be fun, it should be fun. At Taskworld we enjoy the thrill of creating new ideas, testing them, learning from our mistakes and scaling the successful experiments. Whenever we get a chance, we pack our bags and head off to one of the many exotic destinations that Thailand offers. When we look at the tourists who come here from all corners of the world, we sometimes look at each other, smile and just say, “Ah, Life is good!”


“I get to help people and eat a lot.”

Joshua Cordero (Support Boss & Pacquiao’s #1 Fan)

NOTE: Josh is referring to our wide range of free snack, drinks and Free Food Fridays

To sum things up, here are a few benefits of working with us:

  • Thrill of working with next generation technologies
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Challenging and rewarding industry
  • Free lunch Fridays (from bacon stuffed double cheeseburgers to pad thai)
  • Lounge and kitchen area with a great view of the Bangkok skyline 
  • A culture that encourages initiative
  • Paid time off and vacation
  • A gorgeous workplace in the heart of Bangkok with a stunning view from the 18th floor
  • Frequent Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sessions (we do not discriminate among people and gaming consoles)
  • We have a huge collection of board games (we get some of our best ideas while playing Magic the Gathering or Mario Kart on the Wii)
  • We work a couple of minutes away from the heart of Bangkok’s nightlife (just saying!)

Taskworld is all about teamwork. So when we say people are at the heart of our business, you know it’s not just a sweet sounding metaphor. It is an idea which gives purpose to our existence.

If you feel as passionately about creating a kickass user experience as us, check out the openings at Taskworld:

1. Mobile Application Developer
2. Graphic Designer 
3. Customer Support Agent

Get a feel of the technology that we use at Taskworld. Watch Anri, our VP of Engineering talk about it here.

Not a developer? Check out our Careers page for more positions.

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