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Success Stories: Fabien Chesnais />

Success Stories: Fabien Chesnais

by / September 19, 2014

Fabien Chesnais is General Manager at Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts in vibrant Doha, Qatar. He responsible for managing the daily ins and outs of a 154 room hotel and the 125 employees who help him run it smoothly.

Success Stories: Somsnit Vanpapra />

Success Stories: Somsnit Vanpapra

by / September 5, 2014

Somsnit Vanprapa of Bangkok, Thailand is a management expert. In her role as Managing Director of Synova Foods, she is in charge of all operations, production and logistics. Taskworld has been a great help to her in keeping her team accountable across many different departments.

Success Stories: Sunay Shah />

Success Stories: Sunay Shah

by / August 29, 2014

In his role as CEO of Unicus Technologies, Sunay Shah has to act as both consultant and project lead, which means he has to work with others to bring projects together. He tried Taskworld via social media and decided to try the product to address his collaboration needs.

Success Stories: Bill Brantley />

Success Stories: Bill Brantley

by / August 22, 2014

Working for the government has its challenges, but being a project manager for the United States Office for Personnel Management requires a broad range of experience in policy, human resources, legal, and government offices. Bill Brantley is a Human Resources specialist working as Program Analyst for Strategic Workforce.

Success Stories: Mir Ali />

Success Stories: Mir Ali

by / August 15, 2014

A native of Hyderabad, India but now settled in Dallas Texas, Mir Ali is the CEO and Co-Founder of The HomeE.

Success Stories: Daphne Lopez />

Success Stories: Daphne Lopez

by / August 8, 2014

As Director of Studies at FU International Academy Tenerife, Daphne Lopez is responsible for a team of 10 teachers, the coordination of two academy centers, and ultimately, the satisfaction of the academy students.

Success Stories: Ralf Kircher />

Success Stories: Ralf Kircher

by / August 1, 2014

Having strong industry knowledge is one of the best ways to go about laying the groundwork for a successful management career. Ralf Kircher is one such manager. Ralf is the Group Executive Editor in SmartWork Media in Bangkok, Thailand.

Success Stories: Nicole Bienfang />

Success Stories: Nicole Bienfang

by / July 25, 2014

“With Taskworld I am given the space to work on my own personal life tasks, but also collaborate and work with my team helping me to form this organization and still get things done,” says Nicole.

Success Stories: Alejandro González Salas />

Success Stories: Alejandro González Salas

by / July 18, 2014

We are proud to introduce you to Alejandro González, general director at Arroba System, a small-medium business owner and a project manager in a cutting edge information technology company.