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4 Reasons to Intern at a Startup />

4 Reasons to Intern at a Startup

by / June 11, 2015

General Electric or Snapchat? Morgan Stanley or Kickstarter? Shell or Uber? Hilton Hotels or Airbnb? Where would you rather go for an internship? The brands previously mentioned are multinationals with thousands of employees, the others are still in the startup…

A Glimpse of Life at Taskworld />

A Glimpse of Life at Taskworld

by / May 24, 2015

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, and an HD video is 60 frames per second, we have shot a 2 minute video that will give you a taste of life at an ambitious start-up in one of the most exciting cities on earth.

Build an Awesome App using Node.js and React in Bangkok ! />

Build an Awesome App using Node.js and React in Bangkok !

by / May 17, 2015

Programming is a sort of sorcery. You use codes as spells to create magic on screen. And we are looking for some powerful wizarding developers to join Taskworld. So if you are interested in building the next generation productivity app…

Taskworld is hiring. From all over the world! />

Taskworld is hiring. From all over the world!

by / May 10, 2015

Making employees happy and productive is what our business is about and we’re hiring! We are looking for developers from all over the world to join our team in the City of Angels- Bangkok. Here at Taskworld, we won’t just…


6 Ways the Internet can Improve Productivity

by / April 14, 2015

Using internet at work is often associated with procrastination. There is a stigma that employees overusing the Internet and other digital technologies are less productive than others. However, according to a recent Pew study, 46 percent of working adults feel their productivity has increased due to internet.

How We Use Taskworld for Free Food Fridays />

How We Use Taskworld for Free Food Fridays

by / March 23, 2015

if only we had a simple project management tool to help us…oh wait…we do. This is how we use Taskworld to manage our Free Food Fridays.

Success Stories: Arshad Awan />

Success Stories: Arshad Awan

by / November 17, 2014

Arshad manages an ambitious team based in Islamabad from Saudi Arabia. Managing a team across countries is something that poses a challenge to the very best; and Arshad feels Taskworld offered him just the solution he was looking for.

Success Stories: Asim Masood />

Success Stories: Asim Masood

by / November 7, 2014

Asim Masood is a Project Manager for eZanga, a leading online advertising and publishing service in USA. eZanga is a metasearch engine and award-winning digital marketing company established in 2003. They specialize in online advertising and publishing services.

Success Stories: Toyan St.Hilaire />

Success Stories: Toyan St.Hilaire

by / October 31, 2014

Toyan St.Hilaire is a 26 year old artist management professional based in United Kingdom who works for The Artery Foundation; an artist development company based in Sacramento, California. The Artery Foundation finds, supports, represents and manages various entertainment artists.