Success Stories: Toyan St.Hilaire

by Taskworld Blog Team / November 01, 2014

Toyan St.Hilaire is a 26 year old artist management professional based in United Kingdom who works for The Artery Foundation; an artist development company based in Sacramento, California. The Artery Foundation finds, supports, represents and manages various entertainment artists.

The role of every project manager is critical but what makes Toyan’s role so vital is that it directly affects the aspirations and careers of a lot of people. Toyan started using Taskworld for project management and found it pretty awesome.

“The feature that I like the most is creating projects with separate individual tasks that I can delegate to my assistant.”

Completion of smaller tasks is an aspect that has shown a marked improvement, “Small tasks that would often get overlooked as they weren’t so urgent, are now being completed”, he says.

Taskworld helps Toyan to track at which stage a project is at. “This helps me to schedule tasks for particular days or times during the week”.

Taskworld is happy to have made Toyan’s life a bit easier. We wish him a rewarding and successful career.

“Taskworld is awesome. I seriously recommend it to anyone who is involved in project management.”

Thanks a lot Toyon. We’ll keep on adding more cool features in the future.

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