Success Stories: Andreas Eriksen

by Taskworld Blog Team / October 27, 2014

Andreas Eriksen is a System Consultant for Mysoft AS in Oslo, Norway.

Mysoft is a leading software supplier to the Scandinavian membership and fundraising organizations market. With over 100 customers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Mysoft provides technical systems in areas such as CRM, case management, document management and course management.

As System Consultant in a small department consisting of of four people, Andreas works on providing cloud services and CRM and publishing systems.

“Taskworld provides an easy overview of upcoming workload and project progress,” says Andreas. The problem we solve with Taskworld is coordinating teamwork in a much more efficient way. Now we have a better overview over the project statuses and also we can manage more efficiently,” says Andreas.

With Taskworld, Andreas’ team is able to ensure that even the smallest tasks are completed when team members have time to get them done. No task is forgotten.

“Keep up the good work. We look forward to seeing upcoming features and improvements,” says Andreas.

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