Solving problems like a Goat

by Shiv Sharma / February 19, 2015

It’s the Chinese New Year! Time to celebrate the start of the lunar calendar. To regain enthusiasm about forgotten resolutions. A time for unbridled optimism.

And it’s the Year of the Goat! The Ram! Well some people might argue that the Ram means sheep and not goat but I am going to put my money on the latter. Partly because majority of Chinese people think so, and partly because Goats are just plain awesome.

They are awesome because they are going to teach all of us how to take on problems. These Six Goat gifs will show you how to face obstacles in business and decimate them with a sheepish grin.

Pay Attention

A wise man once said that identifying problems at the right time is winning half the battle. Too often we fail to do so either due to complacency or lack of information. Always keep track of discrepancies and try to ascertain the reasons behind unnatural trends in data.

Be Cool

It’s our natural reaction to panic to unforeseen problems. Like the Joker said, everyone loses their minds when things don’t go as planned. Therefore, don’t treat it as a sign of weakness. Treating it as a legitimate response of your body is the first step to fighting it. Panicking creates mind blocks and hampers your ability to think. However like every other thing in life, you can practice to resist and even control this urge.

Steady Your Team

Anxiety is infectious. But the good thing is, so is composure. Whenever a team is faced with a challenge, there will always be people who will succumb to pressure. However, more often than not there will be someone who will keep calm and steady the ship. Humans by nature seek assurance. Thus, if you can provide that much needed sense of calmness to a group, don’t shy away from it.

Ask for Help

When your team is in trouble, as a manager it’s your responsibility to stand up and lead the way. That doesn’t mean you are completely on your own. A team consists of different personalities which have distinct skill sets. Depending on the nature of the problem, you should always ask for advice from others. Different opinions irrespective of the hierarchy of their source will help you gain a better perspective of the problem.

Face it Head On

Having covered all bases, now it’s time to take up the challenge head on. Apply your knowledge and implement the solutions devised by your team. Start preparing yourself and your team mentally for the struggle that lies ahead.


There will be resistance and you might unearth new problems during the course of implementing your solution. Don’t give up. Don’t be demoralized. Your struggle may end up solving the problem, it may even prove futile. But, it is important that you still do it. The payoff in the form of knowledge gained will prove to be more important than the result in the long run.

In other words, you might taste success or experience failure, but in both cases, you’ll end up making yourself more awesome.

Xin jia' yu'ei Xin ni' Huad chai - Happy Chinese New Year! baa baa!

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