Sleep Like a Baby, Work Like a Boss

by Shiv Sharma / January 15, 2015

Napping at work will most likely land you in trouble, unless you are a Salary man in Japan. In that case you can doze off in the office and people will consider it as a sign of exhaustion from work. In fact, some Japanese people fake it in order to appear diligent. Its level of social acceptance can be understood from the fact that it has a special word for it- Inemuri.

However, if you don’t work in Japan and chances are most of you don’t, you’ll need to get all your sleep beforehand. A good night’s sleep isn't just important for your health but also for your professional life. A lot of our New Year resolutions are about staying fit and working smarter. Sleeping well paves the way for both of them. The threefold effect of a good night’s sleep are critical to being productive. These benefits are:

Retention: A good night’s sleep helps you learn and retain more information at work. A well-rested mind boosts memory.

Health: Stress, dramatic weight fluctuations and loss of appetite have direct relation to your sleeping habits.

Temperament: Lack of sleep makes you irritable and short tempered which might affect your relationship with colleagues.

So when the Dalai Lama says, “Sleep is the best meditation," maybe he isn’t making a light-hearted comment. Maybe sleeping well is something we can all work on. Here are 5 tips to help you sleep like a baby so you can work like a boss:

1. Take Your Smartphone To Bed, But Don’t Get Too Carried Away

As most people say nowadays, smartphones are an extension of your personality. An average person checks his/her smartphone over 100 times a day. However try to restrict its use late at night. It’s easy to get engrossed with your phone and stay awake late into the night. In fact, staring at a bright screen in a dark room makes it harder to fall asleep later. Once you have decided to sleep, refrain from checking your phone again.

2. Embrace The Dark Side, The Pitch Dark Side

If you have trouble sleeping, try creating a completely dark environment. This might seem a bit intimidating if you are used to a little light during sleeping but once you get used to it, you’ll feel more relaxed.

3. No, There’s No Substitute For Exercise

Working out and sleeping well go hand in hand. A routine which encompasses regular exercise solves half of the problems you face or are likely to face, and lack of sleep is definitely one of them. Try to get at least 30 minutes of high intensity exercise every couple of days. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hit the gym and pump some iron. Play sports, jog or walk and figure out a way to keep yourself active.

4. Eat Dinner Like a King But Don’t Go To Sleep Right Away

Neither going to bed with an empty stomach nor stuffing yourself till you can’t breathe helps in getting peaceful sleep. It makes sense to have a filling breakfast and a relatively light dinner. However, most of the times we are so hungry after finishing work that dinner ends up being our heaviest meal of the day. This is completely alright as long as you have a reasonable time gap between finishing dinner and going to bed. Go on a brief walk before going to bed.

5. Sleep When Tired

Sometimes when you try too hard to stick to your sleep schedule, sleeping starts seeming like a task. It doesn’t matter what time it is on the clock, the best time to sleep is when you feel sleepy. After all, the quality of your sleep matters more than the time and duration of your sleep.

Have some more ideas? Feel free to share them with us. Have a great day (And a good night).

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