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Setting up Support Teams for Success with Taskworld

by Jessica Zartler / May 26, 2017

When requests, tasks and projects are in order, you can spend less time searching for things and more time doing what you do best — helping your customers or clients.

With customizable project templates and drag and drop Kanban boards, support teams can control their workflows in Taskworld to optimize speed and organization, allowing them to focus on what counts — building and nurturing customer relationships.

Setting up your project

To set up a project to manage your support team, name a new project in Taskworld — something creative, or keep it simple and call it Support Team. Add your team members and choose the single team template.

You can then customize your tasklists according to your workflow. We will use the example of a tracking project. Let us say that your company is a software company and you are responsible for keeping tabs on bug reports, feature requests and user pain points — you can name taskslists accordingly to not only track the requests and items, but turn them into actionable tasks and assign them to team members. The ability to share tasks in multiple projects with other teams, tracking requests, discussing improvements and assigning work based on those discussions is efficient and smooth.

Commenting on tasks and instantly uploading files can help teams respond quicker to the problem and create the solutions for your customers.

With tags and labels, you can classify urgency or add categories to quickly check status and get a snapshot of what the tracking items are, as well as prioritize those tasks accordingly.

Tracking Progress

When visualizing tasks by team member, managers have a better sense of who is pulling too much or too little weight. Small and subtle adjustments can make a huge difference for the project and employee satisfaction.

Taking a look inside of your project is great, but if you would like to go one step further and see a more detailed view of how things are going, check out Overview. Here you can filter down, track your own tasks, and visualize projects across your workspace.

For a bigger picture look over time, use the interactive calendar and timelines features or project analytics to drill down into projects with burn up and burn down charts.

Real-Time Communication & Mobile App

When customers are waiting, speed is essential. The ability to communicate across multiple channels allows for faster response times and happier customers. With the mobile app, you can stay up to date even when you’re on the go. All of the powerful tools and features you use on the web app, in the palm of your hand.

For more details on the features and tools your team can use to achieve more, check out our website or email us at to set up a free live demo.


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