Project Chat: The Next Step in Seamless Teamwork

by Taskworld Blog Team / September 25, 2015

There is integration, and then there is seamless integration. These are two different things. Assembling a bunch of tools together is integration. However, ensuring that those tools complement each other is what makes it seamless. Taskworld’s new version elegantly combines project management with enterprise chat.

Introducing- Project Chat!


Whenever you create a new Project in your Workspace, Taskworld  will create a corresponding chat channel. If the Project is public, the chat will appear in the Public Chat Channel. If the Project is private, the chat will be created in the Private Group Chat.

Let's dive into a real Workspace to see how it works. Say Nathan Doe is working on a campaign that requires collaboration from different departments- Marketing, Data, Content and Design. There's a lot of teamwork going on over here.


Now, Nathan wants to send a message to all the Project Members. So what does he do? He goes to chat, creates a Public Channel, adds all the members to the channel and sends a message, right? Well, not quite. All he needs to do is click on the Project Chat.

And start typing. You just created a chat with five colleague in five milliseconds...Go Nathan!

All the members will get a chat notification that will take them to the Project's Channel in the Chat section of the App. It keeps everyone on the same page and helps to keep all of the relevant conversations in one place.

It's all about making work the way it should be - smooth and effortless. So try out Project Chat in your clever workspace and let us know what you think of it.

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