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Product Development Made Easy with Taskworld

by Jessica Zartler / May 26, 2017

Keeping track of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of product or feature releases is no simple task. Whether your product is software, funny t-shirts, or you are rebranding goods, staying motivated is a key to keeping agile, well agile.

Setting up your project

With Taskworld, conducting and maintaining workflows has never been easier. Drag and drop Kanban boards are customizable and lightning fast, allowing teams to stay on task and on time. Visualizing tasks, projects and goals allows team members to take ownership and get excited about completing sprints, speeding up processes.

Likely, you will have several projects you are working on at once, but let’s take a closer look at how you would set up a workflow for a basic Kanban flow. First, start a new project — you might call it Product Development. Choose the Kanban template to set up your To Do, Doing, Done flow.

You can add a Backlog or Review tasklist, or customize according to your process and workflow. Now, just add product request or tasks, assign to team members, share files, and add task comments to log communication about questions or updates on the task. Drag and drop the tasks through the Kanban and voila! You are speeding along through your sprints in no time.

The project chat inside every project allows you to communicate without losing context. Taskworld’s built in chat also allows you to send direct messages, share files, memes, emojis and more.

Assign Work Estimates

Not all tasks are created equal. Knowing your workload is as important as knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Assigning estimates and the ability to visualize workloads keeps you one step ahead of deadlines.

You can use Points inside of Task Properties to assign work estimates, and go to project analytics to look at tasks by team members to see how your colleagues are doing on tasks.

Performance is more accessible and tangible with analytics. You can see how the team is performing at any time and give instant feedback where necessary. These small nudges can equal huge returns, whether it’s motivation or praise.


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