Build on Top of Taskworld With Public API

We are absolutely stoked to announce the release of Taskworld API — a simple interface that allows ...

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20 ways to improve empathy at work

Work is about relationships. And relationships thrive on strong emotional intelligence. That’s why ...

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Introducing project activity

Were you ever going through one of your projects and noticed that something was a bit off? Maybe ...

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Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Ahhhh, organizational politics. You can love watching Game of Thrones and the mental and physical ...

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Taskworld Blog

6 Tips To Sell (For Non-Sales People)

by Jessica Zartler / April 08, 2016

Life is a continuous sales pitch. Whether you’re trying to convince your partner to do the dishes for you, convince your boss to give you a raise, convince your team to adapt a new process or sell an ...

How to Motivate Agile Teams

by Gavin / April 05, 2016

Software development project managers accustomed to being top dog on team projects may find that Agile methodologies can represent fundamental change. Agile software development (a.k.a. ASD) refers ...

7 Science-Based Ways to De-Stress at Work

by Jessica Zartler / April 01, 2016

You would think the human body would have evolved it’s stress response. Instead of fighting off bears and woolly mammoths, we now fight copy machines, bosses and the urge to take a nap in the ...

Zendesk & Taskworld - A software combo that’s putting service back in SaaS

by Taskworld Blog Team / March 30, 2016

Tech Cocktail projects that the SaaS industry growth rate in 2016 will be increasingly influenced by upselling and retaining existing users. This shift in focus from acquiring new customers to better ...

Are you a proactive or reactive manager?

by Jessica Zartler / March 24, 2016

When you are managing what sometimes feels like a circus, there is no one-trick pony that’s going to hold the show. Effective project management requires you to be agile, and not just with a Kanban ...

Taskworld's New Overview Is All About Actionable Insights

by Taskworld Blog Team / March 22, 2016

It’s time to stop putting out fires and sense problems before they arise. It’s time to make proactive management intuitive.

Future of Knowledge Work - 7 Leadership Skills of Tomorrow

by Fred Mouawad / March 16, 2016

We all know that knowledge is power. It stands to reason then, that becoming a knowledge worker will be the ideal vocation of the future.

10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

by Jessica Zartler / March 11, 2016

Letting go is liberating. If only we have the courage to reach into our piles of collective sh.. - let’s say clutter - and realize that what we’re holding onto on our desks and in our offices could ...

Why Your Team Needs A Project Management Software

by Taskworld Blog Team / March 08, 2016

Why should we change the way we work? After all, we have always got the job done. 

Two Words that Can Increase Business by 17%

by Jessica Zartler / March 04, 2016

The power of gratitude should never be underestimated. It is a force that inspires and plants the seeds of generosity, reciprocity and can create a ripple effect of positivity that expands ...

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