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New Taskworld mobile app has chat, visual boards and a lot more firepower!

by Taskworld Blog Team / March 01, 2017

Taskworld’s all new iOS and Android apps give you the same amount of depth as its web app. With team chat, dashboard, visual boards, file management and push notifications, it undoubtedly gives you the most complete task management experience possible on mobile.

You can now take all of your team’s work and communication with you in your pocket.

1. Lightspeed Sync

Taskworld’s mobile app and web app work perfectly in sync. Whatever changes you make in one device are instantly reflected in the other. No more awkward lags or data mismatches.

2. Chat on Mobile

The best part about chatting with your teammates and organizing work in the same place, is that conversations never lose their context. More importantly your information is much more secure than using mass chat apps.

With Taskword’s new mobile app, you can send direct messages, comments, create private/public channels and share files.

  • Drew a wireframe on whiteboard? Snap a picture and instantly share it with your team.
  • See who has read your text without sending a follow up message.
  • All of your team’s communication is safely archived.
  • Add mentions to send push notifications from channels to specific team mates.

3. Visual task boards

Your mobile app will now support visual task boards just like the web app. Create tasks, assign work and organize projects the way you want.

4. Push notifications and reminders

You don’t have to be on the app at all times to stay in touch with your team. Get notified about direct messages, task updates and comments via push notifications. You can even hand-pick the kind of notifications that you’d like to receive. Push notifications are really helpful for:

  • Emergencies such as bug fixes, sales inquiries and customer feedback that require an immediate response.
  • Reminding yourself/teammates about overdue tasks or tasks that are approaching their due date.
  • Sharing dank memes from the internet.

5. Same workflow on all platforms

The new Taskworld mobile app works just like the web app. This means that you don’t have to learn how it works from scratch. Once your team is on board with Taskworld’s web app (which takes a few minutes), they will be using the mobile app like pros.

6. Pretty much everything else

Project analytics, channels, people page, files tab, comments…the list just goes on and on. Unlike most mobile apps that are poor cousins of their web apps, Taskworld’s mobile app is on par in every aspect.

Turn your phone into a hub for all your projects. Download the Taskworld app for free.

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