The New Taskworld Has Arrived!

by Taskworld Blog Team / September 03, 2015

We’ve arrived!

All your thoughts about creating the ultimate project management app have materialized.

Introducing Taskworld for Enterprises.

It’s not just an update but a completely new application. The new Taskworld looks and feels totally different from the previous version, in an amazing way! Check out the video to learn more.

A visual overview of all your Projects

When you've got tons of projects, it's really easy to lose track of their progress. That's exactly why we now have a visual overview for all your projects. All the projects with their progress bars, members and due dates in one place. Your own collection of see through folders!

Your app, your Projects, your own workflows!

We know that everyone has a different way of doing things. With the new Taskworld, you can organize your work the way you want. Use Tasklists as Kanban boards for weekly sprints, work across departments or create your own workflow right from scratch. Taskworld adapts to your way of organizing work.

And we have added a whole new dimension to it, this is a big one!

Say hello to Taskworld Chat!

Now you can chat with your teammates, share files and send latest internet memes. It’s perfect for teams that work closely together and remote teams based all over the world. Cut down on your emails and collaborate with each other in real-time.

The classic Tasks page got a classy makeover

Keeping track of work has been simplified. The All Tasks page lets you see all the tasks you are involved in. You are aware of impending due dates and overdue tasks (if any) at all times.

A new app calls for a new website. Check out our new website to get an in depth overview about the new Taskworld.

And yes, you can still use Taskworld for free with an unlimited number of people, for as long as you want! Try it and give us your feedback.

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