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Managing your content team on Taskworld

by Taskworld Blog Team / March 20, 2017

Whether you are managing a content team, a small band of freelancers or any team around five or six, or less, your work life is about to get a whole lot more simple. Not to mention, by managing small teams with Taskworld, you can save up to two working days a month in meetings, and cut email by 40 to 50 percent.

Organizing your weekly tasks and projects using Taskworld’s visual Kanban boards is not only practical and easy, but its motivating and satisfying to see what’s on the table, and check things off as they are completed. It takes all those abstract seeming tasks, ideas, etc. out of your mind and the clutter of email, and puts them neatly together in a very manageable way.

Here at Taskworld, we of course, run our own content team in the following fashion and have found after several different tests, that this is the best workflow setup to get more done in a shorter amount of time, while keeping communication flowing.

Setting up your project

First, name a new project in Taskworld with your team name — ours is Content Team (I know, so creative! We’re saving all of our creativity for our content) — keep it simple. Add your team members and choose the single team template.

Next, inside of the project, create your first tasklists by team member. For example, ours are Shiv, Jessica and Thibault. Then we added a tasklist Ideas Board for any and all of our best and worst ideas for content, projects or ways we can improve our digital marketing efforts via content. This is fantastic for ideas and sure beats sticky notes — which have a way of disappearing.

Finally, to run it in the style of a true Kanban board of To, Doing, Done, we added tasklists for Finished and Published. This allows Shiv, the manager, to track what’s been finished and if he needs to review anything, plus what has been published on the blog for the week.

As he reviews things, he can check them off as completed and we can refer back to them at any time under Completed Tasks.

If you are running a team of freelancers, you can set up the single team workflow in the same way, using tasklists as the names of team members and assigning work in this fashion. If the nature of your small team is not content, you can get creative in the ways you use the additional tasklists and set it up in the way that works best for your goal. If you need some help coming up with ideas, you can always send us an email at

Communication in context

In addition to the actual workflows, we all know that communication is paramount when it comes to getting work done. Inside of your project, you can comment on tasks and ask questions at the start, as work happens or when you finish. For example, I want to call attention to the fact that I’ve finished a blog draft and it needs review — I can add an @mention to get Shiv’s attention with a notification:

Part of communicating, is being able to understand what things look like and where to go from there. So in Taskworld, you can also attach files and links to tasks. For example, a link to the Medium blog post you are working on, or a sample layout for a press release. Being able to not only share files, but have task-based file management, makes it a cinch to keep things organized and in their right places.

Finally, for things concerning all of your team members — things you want to talk about with everyone at once — there’s project chat. Let’s say you have a team bonding event of a bowling night coming up, or you have some changes to announce about your product, or you just want to share some GIF high-fives — simply jump into project chat and go!

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