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Manage Workflows for Marketing Teams on Taskworld

by Jessica Zartler / May 25, 2017

Whether its managing a campaign, event, launch or overhauling your company’s website - or everything at once - you need a powerful tool that is complex enough to handle multiple projects and departments, knowledge management and files, communication and project progress, but simple enough to train your marketing team on in a flash, and use every day with ease.

Project managment software improves team performance, connectivity and productivity, and with Taskworld, you can save up to two working days a month in meetings, and cut email by 40 to 50 percent.

Setting up your project

Organizing your weekly tasks and projects using Taskworld’s visual Kanban boards is not only practical and easy, but its motivating and satisfying to see what’s on the table, and check things off as they are completed. You can turn ideas into actionable tasks, set up workflows, assign due dates and go. When work is visual and organized, everyone is on the same page and eager to work quickly towards the goal.

To set up a project to manage your marketing team, name a new project in Taskworld — something funky, or keep it simple and call it Marketing Team. Add your team members and choose the single team template.


Next, inside of the project, create your first tasklists by team member. For example, Lola (Content), Nathan (Engagement/Support), Jason (Business Development), and Melinda (Data Analytics). From there, you can begin assigning tasks to each team member, adding due dates, discussing assignments and sharing files with task comments, and talking with the team via project chat. As team member finish tasks, they simply check them off and those tasks are accessible any time under completed tasks.


NOTE: If team members are running their own projects, they can use tasks in multiple projects, so the tasks they are working on are organized for them, but visible for you in the Marketing project. For tasks in multiple locations, just find the Location tab inside of a task, and add it to the projects you need. This is also a wonderful tool when working on projects with other departments.

Tracking Work Progress

When visualizing tasks by team member, managers have a better sense of who is pulling too much or too little weight. Small and subtle adjustments can make a huge difference for the project and employee satisfaction.

Taking a look inside of your project is great, but if you would like to go one step further and see a more detailed view of how things are going, check out Overview. Here you can filter down, track your own tasks, and visualize projects across your workspace.

For a bigger picture look over time, use the interactive calendar and timelines features or project analytics to drill down into projects with burn up and burn down charts.

For more details on the features and tools your team can use to achieve more, check out our website or email us at to set up a free live demo.

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