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Manage Your HR Team on Taskworld

by Jessica Zartler / March 23, 2017

Being in charge of human resources and administration is a mammoth job. Many teams still use email and excel to try to balance everything, but find the tools are outdated, lack flexibility and make it incredibly difficult to track conversations, documents and employees.

Now, your work life is about to get a whole lot more simple. Using Taskworld, the all-in-one platform solution to project and team management, can save you up to two working days a month in meetings, and cut email by 40 to 50 percent. In addition to the practical aspects, its fun to use, makes organization effortless and allows you to take a more proactive approach to managing HR, spend less time on admin, and more time interacting with your teams.

Setting up your project

Likely, you will have several projects you are working on at once, but let’s take a closer look at how you would set up a workflow for a hiring campaign. Say you need to hire two new managers and you want to organize and keep track of candidates and the process. First, start a new project — you might call it Recruitment, or March Recruitment. Because everything in HR is confidential, you can select the setting to make it a private project, so only our team can see what you are working on.

Next, select the Blank project template so you can create custom tasklists to reflect the steps in the recruitment process.

You could using the following idea as an example: the first tasklist will be for applicants, the second for first round interviews, the third for second round interviews, and the fourth for hired. (Again, this is just an example workflow, feel free to be creative and customize as it works best for your team.)

Assigning Tasks, Sharing Files & Communication

You can then add a task with the candidates name, upload their resume, assign it to a colleague and add comments to, for example, ask your colleague to send an email to that candidate, or prepare to conduct a first round interview with that candidate — whatever the tasks may be.

To make sure a colleague sees your comment right away, use @mentions to send push notifications or jump into project chat to discuss major updates or details about the recruitment campaign with all project members.

As the process moves on, you can drag and drop the candidate-tasks to the next step tasklists in the project. Since it is a private and confidential project, you can even add comments about the candidates or interview results inside of the tasks as well.

Dealing with Multiple Projects

We’ve looked at an example of one workflow, now if you have other projects to set up such as tracking training, employee holidays, reimbursements, or otherwise, simply set up additional projects in your workspace with the corresponding names, and decide which template works best for you — rinse and repeat. If you are working with multiple departments, create a project group for Human Resources and keep all of your projects inside. Taskworld makes multitasking manageable, and copying projects and setting up repeating tasks saves even more time in the process.

Tracking Progress

The overview dashboard is a great place to focus on your own to dos or check the status of tasks and projects. You can use filters to find out how different team members are doing on their tasks, or sort by due dates to make sure the campaign is on track.

For a bigger picture look over time, use the interactive calendar and timelines features or project analytics to drill down into projects with burn up and burn down charts.

Any way you slice it, your to do pie will be more delicious with Taskworld. Its practical, creative and customizable solutions make human resource and admin teams more efficient and synergistic. Keeping everything organized in one place and seeing the visual unfolding of progress leaves teams feeling motivated and satisfied with a day’s work.

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