Laura Worthington

Laura Worthington manages her army of contractors on Taskworld

by Taskworld Blog Team / October 31, 2017


Laura Worthington is an award winning typeface designer from Washington, United States. She designs fonts and sells them through companies such as MyFonts, Adobe TypeKit, and Creative Market and as well as on her own website,

Her clients include Microsoft, J.M. Smuckers and Starbucks. She's also taught design at the college level and professional development workshops for 10 years.

When business started increasing, so did the number of contractors. That's when Laura realized that she needed a project management software. 

What problems were you facing before you started using Taskworld?

It’s not uncommon for me to have several projects and tasks underway at all times, and when I began to grow my team, project management became more challenging. Not only was I working on my own projects, but also overseeing many more from my team. Keeping track of an ever expanding and increasingly detailed list was difficult to do.

How did Taskworld help you?

Taskworld has helped me get organized, and keep track of everything. I don’t just use it for my business, I use it for my personal life as well! I have every little detail, task, project and event in one place and can quickly find what I’m looking for. It has saved me 2-3 hours of work per week.

Which feature do you like the most?

The Task, Calendar and Timeline view! Not everything I’m doing needs to be on a calendar, and not everything fits into a project. I like to look at my calendar for events, conference calls and deadlines, and I like seeing my projects on the timeline.

What made you choose Taskworld from its competitors?

I love that I can customize nearly everything in Taskworld! This was a key frustration for me with other task/project management apps I’ve encountered. Not everything work with a Gantt chart, or a series of checklists! I wanted to be able to organize my information according to my needs, and not have to work around the limitations of other apps!

For example, I have a Project Folder labeled “Admin/Miscellaneous” to keep track of some of the random tasks that arise, such as applying for a reseller’s license or creating a report on an expense category. I have the subfolders named, “Now, ASAP, Soon, Scheduled, Maybe, Follow-Up, and Someday.” I have another project folder with all of my contractor’s names as subfolders and tasklists for what they’re working on. Some of my projects are viewed as a list, others as a column.

I haven’t found a single situation in using Taskworld where I can’t set something up in the way it works best for me, and I’ve never had to create a workaround. For me, this is extraordinary; Taskworld does exactly what I need it to do and exactly how I want it to be done. It’s incredible! I have spent over twenty years experimenting with dozens of different organization/management systems and nothing has even come close to what I can do with Taskworld. I am a raving fan, if it wasn’t already obvious

Would you recommend Taskworld to other managers?

Oh, I already have! I have mentioned Taskworld to dozens of people and will continue to do so!

I believe it’s important to set your priorities as to how you approach your day as well as some goals for what you want to accomplish. My first order of business is to review my projects and tasks and decide what I have to accomplish that day. Then I plan the rest of my schedule based on my existing projects. My next two priorities of equal importance, is to handle customer/client questions and to check in with my contractors so that I’m not being a bottleneck to their progress. From there, I move on to my projects and tasks for the day.

Thanks Laura for sharing your story. It's a pleasure to have you with us :-)



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