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Introducing project activity

by Taskworld Blog Team / October 31, 2017

Were you ever going through one of your projects and noticed that something was a bit off?

Maybe some task is missing, or a due date looks different.

Now there’s a way to find out how.

Project Activity Feed

Project Activity is a new feed that can be accessed by clicking the activity icon in the top right corner of a project.


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Project Activity tracks all the changes made to a project in one place. It’s like an active log that you can refer to understand how the project has progressed so far.

What does it track?

  • Task creation
  • Task completion
  • Changes in due dates, assignees and followers
  • Adding/removing tags and labels
  • Adding and completing checklist items
  • Time spent on task

Pretty much every single change in any task inside the project exceptcomments and files. (You can still track comments and files by going inside Task Properties).

Why is it useful?

For managers, Project Activity is particularly useful to track deviations in a project. By deviations we mean any changes that were not intended. For example changes in due date, deleting a task or changing assignees are all actions that will affect overall progress of a project. If you’re a project manager, the activity feed will tell you where exactly the project changed its course.

What do you think about Project Activity? What is your next feature request. Let us know in the comments below :-)

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