How to Make Customers Happy & Improve Your Product

by Jessica Zartler / January 29, 2016

It is no secret that getting feedback in the early stages of your business or product development is crucial. Getting that feedback is the easy part. You can gather insights from clients or potential customers in surveys, usability testing or direct outreach (Kissmetrics has a great blog with more ideas on the best ways to get feedback).

The difficult part comes in knowing how to put that information to work - for both your customers and your company. In a world increasingly connected, this allows for a better product/market fit and more creativity, faster development time, organic network growth, time savings, cost savings and allows you to build a downright awesome product - one capable of evolving.

When developing Taskworld, we do have some subjective favorites when it comes to design and capability, but the majority of our improvements come from you, the people using it every day to cut stress and get more done.

We get hundreds of questions and suggestions every week like, “How do I remove users from my workspace?” or suggestions like, “You should add more colors to the tags.” We prioritize them by frequency and also look at the core problem. What is it that the person is really looking for? Are they really excited to copy a work project, or do they just wish to save time? And how do we build features that do that for them. Analyzing your product from a benefits and solutions standpoint, helps to filter through the backlog of requests and get to the simple core - What is it that your customer is really asking for?

Here are some examples of great suggestions and questions that turned into Taskworld features:

      1. List view for projects/my tasks

We received this request from Bill, the manager of a consulting firm:


But read between the lines and what that really translates into is, “I would like to save time by being able to get a fast and efficient overview of projects my team is working on.”

So our designers and developers created customizable views for projects that allow managers to get perspective on work across the board. Here’s how you can view Projects in List/Grid View

      2. Create project templates (copying a project)

Another fantastic request we received quite a few times, was again about saving time. Many businesses have projects they do over and over and understandably, they don’t want to have to go through a repetitive process to re-create those projects every time - because isn’t that why we have computers in the first place?

Right on Kristen! We hear you. Thank you for the fantastic suggestion! You can now copy a project (AKA create a project template) in the project settings. Here is more info on how to copy a project in Taskworld

      3. Repeating tasks

Similar idea, but with tasks. This Taskworld user asked about the ability to repeat a task:

Taskworld designers and developers created an option inside of the task properties to do just that. Learn how you can make clones and set a repeating task here.

      4. @Mentions

We get tons of feedback from people who love that Taskworld Enterprise also offers chat. You can talk to the whole company with Public Channels, talk with your team with Private Groups or talk one on one with Direct Messaging. But with so many channels, how do you know what is important just for you?

Cristian had this suggestion and we are loving it! Simply type the @ symbol and start typing the name of one of your colleagues who is a member of the channel and hit enter. They will receive a notification telling them something is important and needs their attention.

@you - Thanks for reading this far in the blog, we’re nearly finished :)


      5. Email Bridge

Our final example of a game changer that came from customer feedback is what we refer to as an ‘email bridge’.

A major hotel company we met with mentioned that sometimes managers need a quick way to respond while they are on the go. That’s why we created the bridge, where busy managers can simply hit ‘reply’ to a notification email to comment on a task. That comment shows up in Taskworld in the task’s comments section, so they never miss a beat.

      6. Files Tab inside Tasks

Saves Taskworld users from hunting around in old emails to find documents. Create a secure knowledge center and store all the files you need for a task in one place.

      7. Online/Offline Mode

See if your colleague is logged on before you send an urgent message. You might do better to catch them in their office, or maybe you forgot that they’re on vacation. This helps you to know when to communicate.


      8. NEW Spanish Language

We are proud to announce Taskworld is now en español, joining English, French, German and Thai languages with more to come.



Using customer feedback has allowed Taskworld the opportunity to create better solutions that make for happier people and a better product. The more of these solutions we can implement, the more people can save time for what really matters. Make sure your business collects insights and cooks them into the process, making for not just a win, but a win-win.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the Taskworld app and how you can use it to save time, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Email us anytime at 

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