How We Use Taskworld for Free Food Fridays

by Taskworld Blog Team / March 24, 2015

Our Free Food Fridays are legendary. When living and working in Bangkok, food is one of the great pleasures of life. Very few cities in the world can compare with Bangkok when it comes to food (if any). Our awesome company let’s us make the most of this by giving us free chow every Friday and because our company culture is a democratic one, especially when it comes to food, choosing what to order for 40 people can be a complicated process. Oh, if only we had a simple project management tool to help us...oh wait...we do. This is how we use Taskworld to manage our (legendary i tell you!) Free Food Fridays.

HR is behind the scenes

We love our HR girls. But we love them even more on Fridays. Come lunch time, they appear like beautiful food bearing goddesses that start setting up whatever cuisine we are having that particular Friday. But a lot of preparation goes into this miraculous spectacle. This is what they do:

Democratic Republic of Foodland

The first task HR assigns us as a collective whole is voting for the cuisine. They nominate three different restaurants and their menus for us to choose from. Voting ends on Thursday, the day before D-day and each of us is only allowed to cast one vote after careful consideration. Once the votes are counted up, they move on the next task.

Because You Gotta Have Drinks and Dessert too

We kind of do the same thing with drinks and desserts. For Drinks, everyone just puts down their choice in the comment section and one of our HR beauties makes a trip down to 7-11. For dessert however, its once again a choice of three.

It’s Action Time

And then it’s time to place the order. Completion of this task marks the end of this project. There’s really only one thing left for us to do together as a team...pig out.

There’s No Such Thing As a Free Lunch

Someone’s gotta pay for all this wonderful free food we’re having. Copies of the receipt go to the Accounting peeps who um...take care of it.

Feed back !! (He He He...see what we did there?)

Once the bread has been broken, curries have been polished off and fried chicken has been destroyed, we head back to our desks and allow the food coma to descend upon us. After we come to, we give HR our feedback about that particular FFF. Which is always a 5 star (our mothers taught us never to look a gift horse in the mouth).


Free Food Fridays is not just about free food...well they kind of are, but they are about more than that! They are a representation of the amazing company culture we have cultivated. It brings the whole team together for a common cause- which is not just food but the sense of embracing the company’s values. Our different teams get together, share their ideas, get to know each other better. All this goes a long way in building a great project management app. Something we love using ourselves.

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