How To Be An Entrepreneur Without A Startup

by Taskworld Blog Team / November 02, 2015

Entrepreneurship- a word that sparks French accent in anyone who says it and a global ambition in those who imbibe it. Unsurprisingly, it has become an extraordinary phenomenon in this age. People have started to realize that this age of globalization offers a plethora of opportunities; and entrepreneurship offers everyone a way to make most of it.

The definition of entrepreneurship has also evolved with time. It no longer means just a person running his own business. In fact you don’t have to be self-employed to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is a state of mind which revolves around taking initiative, risking stability and embracing ambiguity. Even an ordinary white collared employee can be an entrepreneur.

So irrespective of job profile and nature of the organization, entrepreneurship can be fostered and sustained by everyone. All you need is these 4 Keywords! Since putting together their initials makes a cool sound which reminds me of bacon, let’s make an acronym out of that: - OINK!


When you join an organization, you not only become its part; you become that organization. Your actions and reactions at work are representative of your entire company. Once you understand this, you are already a quarter of an entrepreneur. Your managers, your team; they are all organs of a dynamic living entity which is your enterprise. Feel the same affinity for it as you would for your own startup. Rejoice its accomplishments and be concerned of its failures.


Being employed doesn’t mean you can’t be adventurous or ambitious. Look out for opportunities, grab them with steady hands and an earnest heart. Of course taking initiative brings more responsibility and workload; but it also allows you to learn and enhance your growth prospects. Be patient since it might not pay off in near future. Stop being scared of failure and look for knowledge.


Innovation is like Thor’s hammer for an entrepreneur. Don’t be afraid to try out novel, unique ideas. If you have a suggestion which is better than an existing solution, put it out among people. However this is a give and take process. Always be prepared to listen and appreciate new ideas by others too.


Now I didn’t put this attribute here just so my acronym spells OINK; kindness is an extremely important but underrated aspect of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs work with and for people. Of course a business has to compete in order to survive; but being ambitious doesn’t translate to being rude and cold to people. Respect for stakeholders, customers and even competitors is a trait of an effective entrepreneur.

We humans are, in the words of Late Christopher Hitchens Pattern Seeking Animals. It’s our natural tendency to explain things that happen around us and establish answers. When we are unable to do that, it fuels our thirst for knowledge. This attribute has helped us a lot in evolving into who we are today. An entrepreneur channelizes this natural instinct and trains himself to find peace in ambiguity.

The fascinating thing about these 4 attributes is that they rub on to people. An entrepreneurial attitude inspires people to take chances. It makes them see the monotony they were earlier apathetic towards. It helps them realize their potential and shows a world of endless opportunities.

If you ever feel scared of taking the entrepreneurial plunge, remember whenever you introspect life, your experiences will bring a smile to your face. So go out there and make an extraordinary story!

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