Check Your Pockets, Taskworld Is Now On Mobile!

by Taskworld Blog Team / November 10, 2015

Friends, countrymen and digital nomads, take out your smartphones. That’s your new office right there. There you have your entire team, all your projects and all the tools you need to organize them.

Taskworld ‘s mobile app offers you a fully native experience on iOS and Android. Think of it as a personal portal to your web app. It syncs everything in real time! All the changes in the web app are immediately reflected in the mobile app.

Plan your day ahead

Do you know that an average employee spends almost one to two hours everyday on commuting!  Use the time to create new tasks, assign work and plan your schedule for the entire day before reaching your workdesk.

Follow up with your team

“I have no idea what my team is working on”. Although embarrassing to admit, we have all occasionally experienced this situation. With Taskworld’s mobile app, you can use comments to give and get updates about work. Be in total control of all your projects without letting any information fall through the cracks.

Access files from anywhere

Taskworld automatically senses when you are on a vacation and plays Bob Marley. Just kidding, that might be a cool feature for the future though. Although we don’t recommend working on your vacation, you can view all your projects and files while chilling in Maldives.

Stay informed with smart notifications

We all want to know what's going on. What we don't want is being flooded with unnecessary notifications.  Taskworld's smart notifications groups related updates into one notification so that you don't feel overwhelmed. It's just what you need to stay aware of things that matter.

So, try out Taskworld’s mobile app on your smartphone. Because every smartphone deserves a smart app.



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