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Category : Success Stories

Stories of those who have taken on Taskworld as a part of their daily lives and found its features and uses helpful in improving their productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.

Success Stories: Daphne Lopez />

Success Stories: Daphne Lopez

by / August 8, 2014

As Director of Studies at FU International Academy Tenerife, Daphne Lopez is responsible for a team of 10 teachers, the coordination of two academy centers, and ultimately, the satisfaction of the academy students.

Success Stories: Ralf Kircher />

Success Stories: Ralf Kircher

by / August 1, 2014

Having strong industry knowledge is one of the best ways to go about laying the groundwork for a successful management career. Ralf Kircher is one such manager. Ralf is the Group Executive Editor in SmartWork Media in Bangkok, Thailand.

Success Stories: Nicole Bienfang />

Success Stories: Nicole Bienfang

by / July 25, 2014

“With Taskworld I am given the space to work on my own personal life tasks, but also collaborate and work with my team helping me to form this organization and still get things done,” says Nicole.

Success Stories: Alejandro González Salas />

Success Stories: Alejandro González Salas

by / July 18, 2014

We are proud to introduce you to Alejandro González, general director at Arroba System, a small-medium business owner and a project manager in a cutting edge information technology company.

Success Stories: Denise Deverelle Crown />

Success Stories: Denise Deverelle Crown

by / July 11, 2014

This week we would like to introduce you to Denise Deverelle Crown, director of Product Marketing at Innography in Austin, Texas and Taskworld user extraordinaire.

Success Stories: Frank Sellingsloh />

Success Stories: Frank Sellingsloh

by / July 4, 2014

Frank Sellingsloh, an education management professional and online marketer, always on the lookout for tools to improve his efficiency and workflows.