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Category : Productivity

The importance of productivity cannot be underestimated in the modern day lifestyle. Striking the perfect work/life balance is a necessity and we are dedicated to discussing everything you can to be as effective and efficient as possible on a daily basis.


How Colors Affect Office Productivity

by / March 3, 2014

Your office can increase productivity overall by first choosing the right combination of colors to paint and design with and each person can benefit in the productivity corner by making their desk top the color that most inspires their individual productivity and efficiency levels.


6 Characteristics of a Good Agile Team Member

by / February 8, 2014

Having a great agile team is integral to the success of any project. Here are a couple characteristics of the perfect agile team member and how to foster a great environment for your team.


Launching Startups Abroad: The Bangkok Advantage

by / January 21, 2014

We know Thailand for its sublime beaches, friendly people and tropical climate. And then there were entrepreneurs, ingenious concepts and the dawn of a technological boom.