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Category : Lifestyle

These tips are sure to help you find your work/life balance. You are more than your job, and being able to keep perspective on what your career means to you is the only way to ensure a happy and fulfilled life. These articles are specifically written for those who want to make sure they are enjoying all aspects of life.

What Would Batman Say? (If he had a desk job) />

What Would Batman Say? (If he had a desk job)

by / November 12, 2014

Batman’s effortless coolness stands in complete contrast to the pretentious jargons of a lot of corporate managers. Thankfully managers around the world are realizing the sheer idiocy of the mindless buzzwords they use at work. Let’s have a look at the scenarios where we can replace the archaic managerial talk with well-known quotes from Batman.


How Colors Affect Office Productivity

by / March 3, 2014

Your office can increase productivity overall by first choosing the right combination of colors to paint and design with and each person can benefit in the productivity corner by making their desk top the color that most inspires their individual productivity and efficiency levels.