Taskworld's New Overview Is All About Actionable Insights

by Taskworld Blog Team / March 22, 2016

It’s time to stop putting out fires and sense problems before they arise. It’s time to make proactive management intuitive.

Introducing Overview and Analytics for Taskworld that turn data into insights.

Taskworld has an all new dashboard which provides you vital information from the entire workspace at your fingertips. This allows you to cut through the noise, focus on tasks at hand and experience an uninterrupted flow of productivity.

Overview - Your Interactive Dashboard

The All Tasks section has been replaced by Overview which gives you insights that matter. Check out your to dos for the week across all projects, see which tasks are overdue and follow up on the tasks that you created. Overview filters your workspace information and gives you more time to focus on things at hand. Want to look at what’s due next? Want to look at things you assigned to Jane or things Jane assigned to you only? Overview gives you what you needs and blocks the information you aren’t interested in.

For managers - The overview provides a complete breakdown of how the team is performing. Who’s got what on their plates and which areas of the team need more attention.

For team - The overview lets the team know exactly what they need to work on and how they can improve their performance.

Project Analytics

Tracking the progress of a project has never been this easy. The Analytics section in every project will tell you what percentage of tasks have been completed in a tasklist and how many are planned or overdue. You can now directly see the important areas of a project that need your attention and prevent minor issues from turning into critical problems.

Burndown chart tells you how a project is progressing. Get an easy visualization of how much work is left to do in a project. It now only measures execution and also shows how well the project was planned in the first place.

We would love to hear what you think about Taskworld’s latest features. Drop us an email at support@taskworld.com or tweet @taskworld.

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