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Shrutika Nagpal

5 Painless Product Marketing Ideas for Startups

by Shrutika Nagpal / November 05, 2015

Let’s say your startup has a customer service product.

6 Tough Life Lessons That You Will Learn At Work

by Shrutika Nagpal / October 21, 2015

Sorry to break it to you, but, Santa doesn’t exist.

5 Things That Nobody Tells You About Working In A Startup

by Shrutika Nagpal / October 16, 2015

By definition, startups are just starting up and for this reason, usually have limited funds, especially compared to their larger counterparts.

Joining a Startup? Here's What You Should Ask

by Shrutika Nagpal / October 12, 2015

What! A job seeker with rights?

What I Wish I’d Known On My First Day At Work

by Shrutika Nagpal / September 28, 2015

Once you’ve found yourself a company willing to help you advance your career, the next is to keep them convinced you’re worth it.

6 Ways To Make Life Easier For A New Co-worker

by Shrutika Nagpal / September 23, 2015

Though we’re constantly told to mind our own business in a place of business, most of us, can’t. This is never truer than when a new co-worker has just joined the ranks.

3 Lessons All Big Companies Can Learn From Startups

by Shrutika Nagpal / July 24, 2015

In case you think I’m biased, here are the lessons I believe every startup can learn from big companies. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s my view on a few things larger companies can learn from ...

22 Ways to Have Fun When You're Bored in Office

by Shrutika Nagpal / July 02, 2015

Totally Fun 1. Start a party planning committee and plan the parties you never could before. 2. Play Office Lingo, which is basically Bingo, but with words or phrases you’re unfortunately likely to ...

3 Things That Happy Employees Do Differently

by Shrutika Nagpal / June 15, 2015

It’s a year now that I’ve been working in the same company, and I’ve been the envy of my peers throughout. Not because the pay was unbelievable, the perks unparalleled, the travel off the charts, but ...

How Great Employers Get Employees to Love Them

by Shrutika Nagpal / June 09, 2015

In case you weren’t already aware, a job is a two way street.

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