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Shiv Sharma

Space Exploration: - 6 Reasons Why Spending Millions Makes Perfect Sense

by Shiv Sharma / November 20, 2014

Last few months have certainly renewed interest in space exploration among millions of people worldwide. NASA’s Maven, ISRO’s Mangalyaan and ESA’s Rosetta mission, all of them in quick succession ...

Importance of Indulging in Pleasure: - A Hedonist View at Business

by Shiv Sharma / November 17, 2014

Sometimes it feels that pursuit for materialistic aspirations has acquired negative connotations over the course of human history. Desire for wealth, opulence, comfort and luxury is looked down upon ...

What Would Batman Say? (If he had a desk job)

by Shiv Sharma / November 12, 2014

Silent Guardian, Watchful Protector, The Dark Knight, there is no denying the fact that Batman is an embodiment of everything awesome. He has the coolest suit, gear and car you’ll ever see. Add to ...

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