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Namju Lee

7 Ways to Stay Productive on a Long Layover

by Namju Lee / November 23, 2015

If you are the kind of jetsetter who frolics across the globe, then the long layover might be one of your worst enemies. But there’s so much you can do to make the most of a layover! Hack the nearest ...

Productivity Hacks to get your morning started

by Namju Lee / February 26, 2015

No two people work the same. Some people prefer working late into the night, and some people utilize their energy best in mornings. If you are not a morning person but would like to be one, here are ...

8 Project Management Do's

by Namju Lee / February 03, 2015

Drew's last week's article discussed management skills that every Project Manager should master. In this infographic, we bring you eight actions which will lead every Project Manager to success and ...

6 Characteristics of a Good Agile Team Member

by Namju Lee / November 25, 2014

Having a great agile team is integral to the success of any project. At the base of it all are the individual team members who work work simultaneously to achieve a common task. A team is only as ...

4 Things To Prevent The Fiery Pit of Endless Boring Meetings

by Namju Lee / November 04, 2014

Do corporate meetings seem synonymous with boredom? Just the thought of them makes you want to yawn? Are you yawning right now? You are not alone. From CEOs and project managers to new recruits and ...

6 Signs your Company has Damaged Culture

by Namju Lee / September 03, 2014

A positive organizational culture is difficult to achieve and is the product of careful and considerate design. It is the leadership’s responsibility to promote a healthy, open culture where ...

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