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Jessica Zartler

De-stress at Work: Harness Your Inner Office Yogi

by Jessica Zartler / January 20, 2015

You wake up. Jump out of bed realizing you are already late. You run to the kitchen, you run to your car or the train. You run to slam down some coffee. You spend your day on a computer with an ...

10 Oprah Philosophies for Building an Empire

by Jessica Zartler / December 04, 2014

She is known as the most influential woman in the world, billionaire, talk show host, actress, producer, philanthropist and one of the richest people on the planet – Oprah Winfrey. The Queen of Talk ...

Surviving Office 'Hunger Games' : A Katniss Everdeen Guide

by Jessica Zartler / November 14, 2014

Sometimes offices can be hostile, dog-eat-dog environments. But even if you are lucky enough to work in a nurturing environment, navigating office politics can feel more like the Hunger Games – well, ...

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