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Success Stories: Sunay Shah

by Taskworld Blog Team / August 29, 2014

Sunay Shah of London, Ontario, Canada has cultivated his love for technology since his childhood. “IT has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I was lucky enough to be introduced to it early ...

Success Stories: Bill Brantley

by Taskworld Blog Team / August 22, 2014

Working for the government has its challenges, but being a project manager for the United States Office for Personnel Management requires a broad range of experience in policy, human resources, ...

Success Stories: Mir Ali

by Taskworld Blog Team / August 15, 2014

Mir Ali is a technology enthusiast. “I’ve always had a passion for technology. During my childhood, no electrical or electronic toy lasted more than a week. I had to open it up to see how it worked. ...

Success Stories: Daphne Lopez

by Taskworld Blog Team / August 08, 2014

Daphne Lopez is a true citizen of the world and an experienced educator. " I have always loved being a teacher and did a master's degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and later I ...

Success Stories: Ralf Kircher

by Taskworld Blog Team / August 01, 2014

The best managers often come from a strong background in something other than management. Having strong industry knowledge is one of the best ways to go about laying the groundwork for a successful ...

Success Stories: Nicole Bienfang

by Taskworld Blog Team / July 25, 2014


Success Stories: Alejandro González Salas

by Taskworld Blog Team / July 18, 2014

We are proud to introduce you to Alejandro González, general director at Arroba System, a small-medium business owner and a project manager in a cutting edge information technology company.

Success Stories: Denise Deverelle Crown

by Taskworld Blog Team / July 11, 2014

This week we would like to introduce you to Denise Deverelle Crown, director of Product Marketing at Innography in Austin, Texas and Taskworld user extraordinaire.

Success Stories: Frank Sellingsloh

by Taskworld Blog Team / July 04, 2014

Meet Frank Sellingsloh, a passionate project manager, CEO of International Academy Tenerife Santa Cruz De Tenerife Area in Spain and an avid Taskworld user. Frank is an education management ...

How Colors Affect Office Productivity

by Taskworld Blog Team / March 04, 2014

Every business owner, manager, or executive is always looking for productive results from their employees. Painting and decorating the office in certain colors has been proven to improve ...

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