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Light Side Leader VS. Dark Side Boss

by Taskworld Blog Team / December 28, 2015

We have all had a boss but we have not all experienced a true leader. It is the difference between sitting in the corner office barking orders and getting in the middle of the toughest work and ...

U2 - 6 Ways How the Super Band Created a Super Brand

by Taskworld Blog Team / November 19, 2015

During the launch of iPhone 6, U2 officially made the largest release of any music record in human history; giving their album for free to more than 500 million people or as Bono puts it, “one ...

Check Your Pockets, Taskworld Is Now On Mobile!

by Taskworld Blog Team / November 10, 2015

Friends, countrymen and digital nomads, take out your smartphones. That’s your new office right there. There you have your entire team, all your projects and all the tools you need to organize them.

How To Be An Entrepreneur Without A Startup

by Taskworld Blog Team / November 02, 2015

Entrepreneurship- a word that sparks French accent in anyone who says it and a global ambition in those who imbibe it. Unsurprisingly, it has become an extraordinary phenomenon in this age. People ...

5 Things To Remember When Translating Your App

by Taskworld Blog Team / October 27, 2015

Yes you may now call us Le monde des tâches or Aufgabenwelt. Our European friends asked for it and we are happy to announce that Taskworld is now available in French and German!

Ebook: The 10 Commandments of Email Marketing and In-App Messages

by Taskworld Blog Team / October 19, 2015

A few months ago at Taskworld we decided to review our emails and in-app messages. Why? Well we had three very good reasons.

A 5-Minute Fix that Boosted Our Conversion by 40%

by Taskworld Blog Team / October 14, 2015

They say that your app speaks for itself. Well actually, no one says that. You can have the most incredible app in the world but without paying attention to user engagement, you won’t make the most ...

Infographic: 3 Stages of Becoming a Star Freelancer

by Taskworld Blog Team / October 07, 2015

The digital era has made freelancing more lucrative than ever before. You can find some of the world's top designers working from a remote village in Portugal or a content writer creating a blog ...

How To Have Meetings That Result In Action?

by Taskworld Blog Team / October 05, 2015

“Time is relative”- Einstein

Project Chat: The Next Step in Seamless Teamwork

by Taskworld Blog Team / September 25, 2015

There is integration, and then there is seamless integration. These are two different things. Assembling a bunch of tools together is integration. However, ensuring that those tools complement each ...

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