Are You On Track For Your Business Goals For 2016?

by Jessica Zartler / January 24, 2016

“This is the year!”

You may find yourself saying these words on January first and by the end of the month, that proverbial ball didn’t roll anywhere. A new year can be exciting, but also a bit overwhelming when you’re running a business.

However, just a few small changes can bring your enterprise closer to its business goals for 2016 and the time to take action, is now. Let’s do this!

What’s your business goal this year?

      A. Better Communication

      B. Getting More Done

      C. Getting Things Done Faster

      D. Dreaming Bigger

      E. All of the Above

      A. Your Taskworld Game Plan for Cutting Emails

If you want better communication within your business or team, you certainly are not alone. It seems more art than science sometimes, but Taskworld takes the guesswork out of exchanging ideas and allows for clarity in tasks and projects. Not to mention, it saves a lot of emails from circling round and round.

  1. Save time asking who’s responsible and add an assignee to a task.
  2. There is no immediacy to email. Get the answers you need now, using project chat.
  3. Keep everyone in the know by adding followers to a task.

      B. Your Taskworld Game Plan for Getting More Done

Ever had a meeting and then nothing happened? Make meetings matter by providing clear next steps and deliverables. Assign tasks, get immediate feedback and confirm decisions quickly, in a place where everyone can see them.

  1. Lay out steps towards a goal as a task in a project. It makes to-do’s clear and allows the team to anticipate potential blockers.
  2. Organize teams or timelines using Tasklists. Create a flexible workflow that works for you using drag and drop Kanban boards.
  3. If a task requires several steps, add checklists to track progress.

      C. Your Taskworld Game Plan for Speeding Up Progress

If you feel like your team is effective but could get things done a bit faster, adding clarity and reducing email can lighten the load and allow for more speed. Reduce setbacks and set deadlines to stick to, with Taskworld.

  1. How do you know how fast to run if you don’t know how far you’re going? Set clear deadlines in every task.
  2. Not sure what’s due today, this week, this month? Use the All Tasks page to quickly filter and sort to get an overview of what’s overdue and what’s important.
  3. Don’t talk in circles and wait for hours to hear back in an email. Use chat to talk one on one, with your team or with the whole company. Get the answers you need, when you need them.

      D. Your Taskworld Game Plan to Set More Ambitious Goals

Getting caught up in minutiae and details is one of the biggest blockers to setting bigger goals. Keep your eye on the big picture and aim high.

  1. Take a good, hard look at your projects page. Star anything to move it up in importance and make sure it’s reflective of your greatest aspirations for your team or company.
  2. Are there any mentors or colleagues you want to look at your work and give feedback? Invite them to your workspace on the People page and give them access to the projects you set as ‘Public.’
  3. Developing a great product or business is about seeing the story from multiple angles. Read The Seven Eyes of Product Development by serial entrepreneur, Fred Mouawad.

      E. All of the Above

So, you have a lot to do but don’t worry it’s still the beginning of the year. A small time investment now will yield big returns not only in time, but in dreams. Taskworld turns small steps into giant leaps.

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How will you use Taskworld in 2016?

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