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7 types of Employees you should fire

7 types of Employees you should fire

by / August 4, 2014

Some people just aren’t employee material. As a manager you really shouldn’t have any qualms about getting rid of those who disrupt what you are trying to accomplish. The usual suspects include the guy who is stealing, the woman who won’t do her job, the guy who shows up naked, the no brainer. All people you don’t need to keep on for any reason. But there’s a few others that need handling too. These include the self-crowned king of work ethics, the joy sponge, the baby, the yes man, the know it all and those who just won’t change, all need to go.

7 types of Employees you should fire infographic


3 Comment

  1. Fantastic Infographic!

  2. Thanks PatrickWings . We hope you love it.

  3. If I do as you say, I will not have anyone working for me. Don’t blame your employees for your failure to manage them. For your information, I have all that different types of employees that you had mentioned working for me (perhaps, more)…. While they pose a problem (from time to time), they are well managed and they are operationally productive and I am able to achieve what I want to achieve with them.
    You see, while we cannot change these employees’ personality and traits, we can certainly manage them. If you can’t manage them, it is YOUR failure not theirs. Perhaps, you are the one that should be fired.


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