6 Characteristics of a Good Agile Team Member

by Namju Lee / November 25, 2014

Having a great agile team is integral to the success of any project. At the base of it all are the individual team members who work work simultaneously to achieve a common task. A team is only as good as its members. Here are a couple characteristics of the perfect agile team member and how to foster a great environment for your team:

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6 Characteristics of a Good Agile Team Member

What is Agile

According to Agile Methodology

Agile is a movement proposes alternatives to traditional project management. Agile approaches are typically used in software development to help businesses respond to unpredictability. Agile development provides opportunities to assess the direction throughout the development life cycle. This is achieved through regular cadences of work, known as Sprints or iterations, at the end of which teams must present a potentially ship-able product increment. By focusing on the repetition of abbreviated work cycles as well as the functional product they yield, agile methodology is described as “iterative” and “incremental.” In waterfall, development teams only have one chance to get each aspect of a project right. In an agile paradigm, every aspect of development — requirements, design, etc. — is continually revisited. When a team stops and re-evaluates the direction of a project every two weeks, there’s time to steer it in another direction.

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