5 Resume Tips To Get More Eyes and Interviews

by Jessica Zartler / February 01, 2016

February is one of the best times to look for a job, according to Monster.com. The first quarter of 2016 is a time when companies have new budgets, new goals and a demand for qualified workers - like you! So to make sure you get to the top of the hiring pile, here are 5 resume tips to get more eyes and interviews:

      1. Edit Like You’ve Never Edited Before

Look at your CV with a fresh pair of eyes and make sure it is absolutely error free. Update any contact information and make sure your career objective or headline is in line with your current passion. Target a specific field rather than having a one-size-fits-all resume. Also, don’t be afraid to eliminate any positions that don’t suit the new position you are looking for. For job seekers with more than ten years of experience - think about summarizing your early career in a small section to keep your resume length appropriate.

      2. Reframe Short Stints of Work

With the economic roller coaster of the last few years, many job seekers have had to take more freelance and temporary work, which can get your CV tossed out of the pile. Listing positions or work short in duration can make your resume appear flaky or unprofessional to hiring managers at first glance. Human resource managers recommend only including positions of at least six months or more, and if you absolutely have to include other positions that were less, list them under project management or project leadership as bullet points. With these listings, use specific achievements such as “increased sales by 77%,” rather than including generic job responsibilities to highlight your successes.

      3. Don’t Be a Dinosaur

You wouldn’t dress in a 1970s blue frilly suit for an interview, so make sure your resume isn’t wearing one. Ask a friend who is talented with design or check out 7 Tips to Create an Amazing Design Resume.

Before you can walk the walk, you have to be able to talk the talk. Many fields are constantly in flux. Check on career sites that offer the latest keywords and jargon, and make sure the terms you use in your resume are not only still relevant in the position you are seeking, but show you are in expert in developing trends.

      4. Pat Yourself on the Back

Add any new skills, accomplishments or employment that are new since the last time you looked at your resume. Make sure your CV is up to date with any new responsibilities or promotions you have received in your position. Don’t forget to add any fresh technical or computer skills you have gained, and survey your skills section to make sure your years of experience and proficiency levels are current. You should also start a kudos file with any positive performance reviews, complimentary emails or thanks for your work on the job as proof of your performance and experience.

      5. R & R

Rest and relaxation are great, but R & R should stand for “Refresh Regularly.” Don’t just update your CV at the beginning of the year, always be on the lookout for any opportunities to enhance your experience on paper, because you never know when opportunity may be at your door.

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We wish you the best of luck in your job search and great success in 2016!

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