A 5-Minute Fix that Boosted Our Conversion by 40%

by Taskworld Blog Team / October 14, 2015

They say that your app speaks for itself. Well actually, no one says that. You can have the most incredible app in the world but without paying attention to user engagement, you won’t make the most of it.

A lot of things that you see in the Taskworld’s Enterprise version have evolved based on our experience with the first version. One of those things is the Sign up process.

We are going to tell you how a five minute fix in our onboarding process boosted our conversion by 40 percent.

The answer can be summed up in two words - Heat mapping.

Heat mapping allows you to see where your users click. It helps you to understand their motivation and discover where they are encountering blockers in your process.

Now as all marketers know, the majority of people in the Sign up process drop off after the first step. We were experiencing the same thing and our Engagement team felt that there was an opportunity to improve.

So, they tried Hotjar, an easy to use analytics tool to generate a heat map for our Sign up page, and the results were indeed surprising.

When users signed up for Taskworld, they were asked to enter their First Name, Last Name, Email ID, Password and Time Zone. The main call to action button (CTA) was Sign up. However, if they were an existing user and they wanted to Sign in, they were given an option to do that in the footer.

When we looked at the Heat Map image, we discovered three major blockers in the registration process:

1. Two (Too) Similar CTA’s

More people clicked on the Sign in button than the Sign up button, which is really unusual since the Sign up page is meant for first time visitors. If the person tried to click Sign in, they were given an error message telling them to Sign up first. This seemed to confuse or frustrate the user and those people did not complete the registration process.

Not only were there two CTA’s but the content of ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Sign In’ seemed to be too similar to give the user clarity.

Additionally, as research tells us, most people unconsciously use heuristics in everyday processes  - our brain uses shortcuts to unburden over thinking and questions every action that we take. Our UI/UX expert also noticed that the color contrast in the two CTA’s was stronger in the Sign in area, therefore it was drawing more attention saying, “Click me! Click me!”

2. Too Many Fields

As you can see from the screenshot, we had five mandatory fields in the registration process.  This means that you are giving five chances to the users to drop off. So, what’s the best way to optimize it? Well, cut them off.  We decided to keep things extremely simple in our new Sign up process by having just one field. Email ID and that’s it!

3. No Time for Time Zone

Another observation was that almost no one was clicking on the Time Zone field. And when they did, they spent almost 50% of their time on it.  When we looked at the heat maps and screen recordings of the clicks,  we discovered that people ignored the Time Zone field and clicked on Sign up. When this gave them an error message, they would get frustrated and then drop off.

What we learned was if you give even the slightest opportunity to visitors to drop off, they will take that with both hands. So the trick lies in not giving that option at all.

5-Minute Fix

  1. We got rid of the Sign in option and on the homepage, we changed it to ‘Log in.’
  2. We took off the Time Zone field and moved it inside of the app.


Here were the results of these two minor fixes:

  • Conversion Rate increased by 40%
  • Drop-offs in the process reduced by 4.5%
  • Failed submits decreased by 29.5%

Not bad for a few minutes of work, right?

At Taskworld, we make sure that the key learnings from different departments are shared not just within the company but also on our blog.  And we have a process in place for that.

We have a Public Project on Taskworld called Blog Content, where all the teams share their key learnings of the week. The Content team then goes through the ideas, adds tags to them and turns them into blog posts.

It motivates the teams and we hope other businesses can learn from our mistakes, save time and find greater success.

So now is as good of a time as any to revisit your registration and onboarding process and you just might discover an easy fix that can help your users and your business.

Want to see how our registration looks like now? Check out Taskworld's one step Sign up process!

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