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Archives : May 2017

Time Tracking — It’s here! />

Time Tracking — It’s here!

by / May 26, 2017

Here it is : Taskworld unveils its answer to the most requested feature of 2017. The most requested feature on Taskworld by teams around the world —the ability to track time on tasks and projects is now live on your workspace!…


Product Development Made Easy with Taskworld

by / May 26, 2017

Keeping track of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of product or feature releases is no simple task. Whether your product is software, funny t-shirts, or you are rebranding goods, staying motivated is a key to keeping agile, well agile. Setting…


Setting up Support Teams for Success with Taskworld

by / May 26, 2017

When requests, tasks and projects are in order, you can spend less time searching for things and more time doing what you do best — helping your customers or clients. With customizable project templates and drag and drop Kanban boards, support teams…


Manage Workflows for Marketing Teams on Taskworld

by / May 25, 2017

Whether its managing a campaign, event, launch or overhauling your company’s website – or everything at once – you need a powerful tool that is complex enough to handle multiple projects and departments, knowledge management and files, communication and project…