10 Office Management Tools To Boost Productivity

by Taskworld Blog Team / September 14, 2015

Everyone wants to be more productive.  And everyone does it in their own way. SnackNation is a California based startup that is on a mission to motivate employees by delivering them healthy snacks at workplace. After all it's hard to concentrate when you are hungry.

Folks at SnackNation compiled a list of top ten office management tools to make your life as an office manager a complete breeze. We are glad to make the cut :-)

Let's check out the complete list:


1. The Scrum Board For Fast Progress

scrum-board for office management

Known mostly as a management tool for software companies, scrum is a project management style that helps companies quickly adapt to change and minimize unnecessary lag. Created in 1993 by Jeff Sutherland, scrum has helped the small car companies to governmental organizations achieve their goals well before deadlines. In other words, scrum is the ultimate office management tool. The process is characterized by:

  • One to two week sprints in which a project milestone is achieved,
  • Daily stand-ups that monitor all of the elements of a project
  • A scrum board, which traces where exactly each department is in relation to the project’s completion
  • Constant evolution of project goals to meet the needs of the consumer

2. Taskworld for Managing It All

taskworld office management tool

But a scrum board can only go so far. A few Post-It notes on a wall are easily forgotten. Plus, what happens if you have people working outside of the office? That’s where Taskworld comes in.

With the ability to lay out the work, manage everything with custom workflows & visual overviews, chat with your team, securely store documents, and evaluate performance in real time, Taskworld is the perfect solution for keeping everyone in your office up to date on the projects that matter most.

You can use Taskworld for free with an unlimited number of people. Check it out here!

3. Insightly for Customer Relationship Management

insightly office management tool

No matter if you’re a B2B or B2C business, you will have clients. Keeping track of them all can seem like an insurmountable task. Luckily, Insightly, a customer relationship management (or CRM) system makes the process easy. Like most CRMs, Insightly organizes all of your clients and helps you manage projects.

For one, it detects all of the social media accounts associated with your client’s email address. It also has a lot of useful integrations to applications like Evernote and Dropbox. With Insightly, all your information is in one place, making running your business a complete breeze.

4. SnackNation for Healthy Snack Delivery

snacknation - healthy snacks for the office

The human body needs fuel. Everyone knows that. But did you know that stocking the break room with healthy snacks could improve productivity? According to a study performed by office supply giant Staples, one in two employees reported leaving the office at least once a day for a coffee or snack run. Some reported leaving the office as many as five times a day.

By providing healthy snacks for your workers, you are reducing the amount of time spent outside the office and, therefore, help your team boost their productivity. Plus, it definitely wouldn’t look bad on your part to be the guy or gal who started getting snacks delivered to the office.

Want to give SnackNation a test drive? Click here to get a FREE sample box of their best snacks.

5. Due.com for Invoices

But Insightly also does a lot more.

due.com office management tools

For office managers, the one thing that can be depended upon is invoices, and lots of them. Keeping tack of all of them either requires a degree in finance, an overly complicated filing system, or Due.com. Withclean and easy to read invoice templates, a time tracker, and even an invoice trend tracker, Due.com is the easy answer to all of your invoicing needs.

6. Google Hangouts for Business

google hangouts office management tool

Being the tech giant it is, one would expect Google to have the business market cornered. With Google Hangouts for Business, it definitely does. Like Skype, there is a free version of Google Hangouts, but it has some limitations. For example, you can only videoconference between two screens. With the Business upgrade, which costs five dollars per month per user, you can have unlimited videoconferences between unlimited amount of screens. That also includes screen sharing, so any presentation you give doesn’t have to be completely in-house.

Has your company launched a new product? Google Hangouts for Business takes care of that too. By holding a public hangout, you can share your product with industry leaders and other interested parties. Plus, the video can automatically upload to your YouTube account, making new product announcements a breeze.

7. Google Docs for File Sharing

google docs office management tools

Google continues to impress with the Google Drive, a cloud storage center that can store virtually any file type. The best part? You can invite team members to collaborate on documents and see their changes in real time. No more waiting a day and a half for a file.

With Google Drive, you can work together to make the company more productive. Google Drive is also free, but more storage is included in the Google Apps for Business price.

8. Hipmunk for Travel

hipmunk office management tool

Organizing travel for yourself can be a hassle. But organizing travel for two in-house and three remote workers? Forget about it. That is, unless you use Hipmunk. Like many other sites, Hipmunk advertises comparing flight and hotel deals from multiple sources. However, Hipmunk’s easy to use interface allows you to not only compare flight prices (and layover lengths), but also see exactly where the hotel you booked is.

You can also buy packages using Hipmunk, meaning that your company’s trip will be put on one easy transaction. Best of all, you can save your travel searches and access them later, so you can make sure to get written approval from your boss before booking the flights.

9. Amazon Business

amazon business office management tool

A surprisingly time consuming part of your job is probably ordering products for the office. Whether it’s new printer ink, note pads, or matching company jumpsuits, Amazon Business has got you covered. Need those three ring binders in time for Friday’s meeting? Not a problem. With Amazon Business, you get free two-day shipping.

As an Amazon Business customer, you also have access to creating multiple accounts, making it easy for other employees to purchase products, but also requiring you to approve the charge before it goes through. On top of that, you have access to business-only products and pricing with Amazon Business. Basically, Amazon Business is your one stop shop for all things office-related.

10. Hootsuite for Social Media Management

hootsuite office management tool

While you might not be the social media manager for your company, it is still good to be able to monitor what is being posted on your brand’s social media pages. That’s where a social media scheduler like Hootsuite becomes useful. With Hootsuite, you can schedule posts for over 35 social networks, find out what people are saying about your brand, track how well posts are performing, and increase your social reach by finding other social media outlets that might interest your audience.

The best part?

You can leave most of the number crunching to your marketing manager. All you have to do is check in using Hootsuite’s multiple user feature.


Wearing multiple hats can be tricky, but using the right tools can make a huge difference in making your life as Office Manager easier and more organized.

Tell us what are some of the productivity tools that you like to use.


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