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What are the two things that every startup can learn from a big company?

I’ve noted a couple of very basic but very helpful productivity hacks that large organisations have covered, that startups...

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Ebook- Human Resource Management: Is it for you?

Corporate E-Books can sometimes get boring, right? But what if they are written by a stand-up comedian! Award winning...

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Covering the Cover Letter: 5 Tips to Make the Most of it

Most of us have a detailed resume or curriculum vitae saved somewhere on our computers. It’s a document that...

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New Video: A Glimpse of Life at Taskworld

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, and an HD video is 60 frames per second, we have shot...

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Infographic: 6 Content Writing Do’s

Yes it is an infographic. And yes, if you look at it closely, you can make out that it...

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